About Us

(Extract from the Constitution – 01.04.2011) –

    •  To further the business interests of Accommodation Providers within Weymouth & Portland.


    •  To maintain and develop a standard of ethical practice amongst Accommodation Providers and within the Accommodation Provision sector generally of the tourism industry.


    •  To promote good business relations within the tourism industry between accommodation providers and with other businesses in Weymouth & Portland and elsewhere.


    •  To promote and develop good business skills, communications and methods amongst Accommodation Providers.


    •  To facilitate the transfer of experience and skills amongst members of the Association.


    •  To represent and negotiate on behalf of members of the Association with the Area Tourist Board, local council and others with regard to membership issues.


    •  Generally, to further the interests of the Association in terms of the policy statement to be formulated as after mentioned from time to time


  • General Policy The Association shall be neither political nor religious in stance. This is not the same as our website policy

Harbour Ferry

Harbour Ferry

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