Anti Litter Campaign

21Sep 2016

Below are a few photos of just 10 yards of road – I did not even have to go outside to take the pictures. They represent the shocking levels of litter and scornful disregard for the town that visitors and residents alike show for Weymouth. Taken with the vandalism, kids trampling over flower beds (with […]

18Aug 2016

The below relates specifically to a very small area of the Esplanade but we imagine the scenes of damage and littering were repeated all along the Esplanade and probably throughout the town. About a month ago, Weymouth and Portland “Open Spaces Management” (Parks and Recreation to you and me) planted up the small flower beds […]

24Feb 2016

February 18, 2016 –  Weymouth & Portland Borough Council – Mayor encourages borough to Clean For The Queen Community groups around Weymouth and Portland are being encouraged to organise clean-up events from 4 to 6 March to celebrate her majesty’s birthday. Clean For The Queen has been launched by Keep Britain Tidy. The aim of the […]

19Feb 2016

(Email reply received by a member from Mrs Shenis Cant, partner of Jeff Cant, Councillor for Wyke Regis, pledging action on a number of local concerns and issues – reproduced below) – “Dear Resident, Thank you for your list of issues and concerns.  I will endeavour to follow these matters up to improve the quality […]

05Sep 2015

Mayoress Christine James is campaigning against litter on Weymouth streets. We at WHGLA support her in this aim (and she has personally thanked us for this support). We have long campaigned ourselves – against dog mess, smoking and food-related mess and sources of litter, such as market and bus flyers, deliberate feeding of gulls, crows […]

02Apr 2015

Dear All, the first wave of Market Flyers has hit our car windscreens this year – advertising the Thursday Market (Red Flyers). It seems noone – from Council to Police nor anyone inbetween – is willing to test the various laws applicable to this apparent invasion of privacy and assault upon private cars. Yet again […]

11Apr 2012

Dear All, below is an email from Anna Beech concerning the current position with regard to fly posting, in particular Portland Market Flyers Unfortunately, it is not the news we were hoping for………………….. “Thank you for your email concerning the on-going nuisance that is fly posting. My colleagues in Environmental Health recently put together a […]

01Feb 2012

Iain Lewis is Weymouth’s dog warden – please report any issues concerning dog attacks, dogs off leash and dog mess to – Gordon Bargery is the Depot Supervisor responsible for bin collections – please report any problems to –  

06Oct 2011

The following is an extract of the plan, slated to extend from 2010 to 2012 and beyond and has relevance in view of the frequent approaches by WHGLA for the Council to deal with smoking-related, food-related and similar sources of litter as well as the fly-posting of Portland market flyers (among others) – Weymouth and […]

04Oct 2011

Section 2 deals with persons approaching and touching vehicles without the owners consent.  “Trespass to Goods” Specifically, persons may not touch, handle, remove or interfere in any way with any part of a vehicle (unless by authorised persons in the course of an emergency or under relevant provisions of traffic-related law – e.g. emplacement of […]

02Oct 2011

There is no formal definition of fly posting. It is most generally regarded as the display of advertising material without the consent of the owner of the land on which it is displayed. The person displaying the sign and the one who profits can both be prosecuted. District Council can: Remove without notice any such […]

01Oct 2011

9    Litter/Dog Mess – DP felt that HMO’s should have to operate in the same way as other businesses and guesthouse owners and have their rubbish disposed of in bins as opposed to black bags which are torn open and the rubbish strewn by seagulls.  DP also added that HMO’s should have to attain and […]