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04Mar 2017

Website | Get Involved | Inspire Series | Case Studies | Bus Tour | Small Biz 100 Hello! March is already here and what better way to celebrate the new month than to come to some great free events by Small Business Saturday and Do it Digital! Details can be found below but are also on our website, Facebook and Twitter. Drive More Traffic to […]

04Mar 2017

Digital marketing tips and ideas View this email in your browser   Avoid being let down by LinkedIn Do you use LinkedIn to promote your business or yourself? If you don’t, you’re missing an opportunity. If you’re a regular user of LinkedIn, skip to the next section! If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, or […]

18Feb 2017

  Website | Get Involved | Inspire Series | Case Studies | Bus Tour | Small Biz 100 Hello! Small Business Saturday and Do it Digital have added some amazing workshops and talks including one coming up next Wednesday. Take a look at the details below and also keep an eye on the website, Facebook and Twitter for more events which are added all of […]

20Dec 2016

  6th Edition – December 2016   The trees have lost their leaves, the temperature has dropped and the Turkeys are looking nervous. Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Hang up the Holly, put up the tree and loosen your belts in preparation for the impending yule feast. e-GR would like to wish our […]

16Dec 2016

Social media updates Will your business be left behind in 2017? Last week, a sad, thin Yellow Pages was pushed through my letterbox. I haven’t looked up a business in Yellow Pages for at least ten years, and probably never will again. I certainly won’t use it to promote my business.While lots of firms have […]

29Nov 2016

Social media updates It’s time to get emotional about your business Does it surprise you that people have feelings about your business? Whether you’re a sole trader, part of larger firm, or even if you’re in a charity or some other organisation, what you do provokes an emotional response in people. Emotions – our feelings […]

18Nov 2016

Social media updates View this email in your browser   Boost your digital presence with a company page Last week I asked whether you had a LinkedIn company page. Here are your options when it comes to giving your business its own space on different social media networks. It’s essential to remember that simply setting […]

19Oct 2016

On 14th September this year, the modernisation of EU Directive(s) on Copyright and their extension to the digital world took an (ominous) step forward. Six proposals were adopted, being acceptance of the “Marrakesh Proposal”, “Chapeau Communication”, Proposal for Regulations on digital copyright, Proposal for a new Directive, Proposal for Regulation of cross-border copyright issues and […]

03Oct 2016

. (Copied from the Dorset Social website) Home Training Dorset networking About Contact Us Business networking in Dorset This list of Dorset business networking groups was last updated in September 2016.  I highly recommend business networking, both in person and online. It’s made a huge positive difference to my business. And I see how it gets […]

29Sep 2016

Social media updates View this email in your browser   Here’s the question we all want answered How do I get more people to my website? I hear this question often and I frequently ask it myself. In the last few weeks I’ve had more calls than usual from people wanting help with social media training. […]

16Sep 2016

What impact will Brexit have on food business regulation. Edition 6 – September 2016 Welcome to the 6th Edition of e-GR. In this edition we look at the regulatory impact of Brexit and what it means for you, provide pointers on starting a food business, go in search of legionella, look at new food labelling […]

14Sep 2016

Social media updates View this email in your browser   Not all networking events are the same Networking brings growth. Done right, it nurtures new customers, new business partners and new ideas.  I’m a huge fan of networking because I see it deliver results, over and over, to so many organisations and businesses of all […]

30Jul 2016

Social media updates View this email in your browser   Keep your eye on we Thank you to everyone who responded to my email of last week, about being a ‘real person’ on social media. One of you raised a great point related to this. They feel that one person businesses are doing themselves a disservice by pretending to be […]

20Jul 2016

Social media updates   You’re a person that people want to buy from Years ago, when I first heard that trite marketing line: “people buy from people” I didn’t really get it. The other day I had an eye test and bought some new glasses. The optometrist and staff were friendly and seemed genuinely interested […]

01Jul 2016

The festival Edition Edition 5 – July 2016 Hot food smells in the air, an ice cream in your hand, music in your ears and the warmth of the long absent sun on your face. Welcome to the summer festival edition of e-GR. In this edition we aim to give advice to traders who want to […]

30Jun 2016

Social media updates View this email in your browser   Make your life easier Finding time for social media marketing is a real problem for smaller businesses, charities and organisations. This problem came up again in the training courses I delivered this week in Bournemouth. As an aside – these were to first two courses […]

24Jun 2016

Social media updates View this email in your browser   Beat those business networking nerves I’ve run my own business for the last seven years. Almost all my customers have found me through what’s generally known as ‘networking’.  Networking is just a clever tag slapped on the act of having a conversation with someone. That […]

18Jun 2016

Social media updates Should you be a business blogger? One of my first rules of email marketing is never to send mailshots on a Friday. That’s because people are winding down to the weekend or may even have the day off.  So why am I sending this on a Friday? Because at yesterday’s Zing Networking […]

08Jun 2016

Social media updates Social media training in a quirky location I’m looking forward to delivering my first courses at the unusual venue of Safewise in Bournemouth. Safewise has converted an industrial unit into a mock Dorset village, complete with beach, shops, Police station and a train. Right in the centre is the IT suite, which […]

26May 2016

Social media updates 7 excuses for not advertising on Facebook If you’re not advertising on Facebook, you’re missing out on customers. How can I be certain of that? Because Facebook has got the most sophisticated, targeted advertising system on the planet and it’s available for you to use. And it’s incredibly cheap. Right now, you […]

17May 2016

Your inspiration to get results with social media Who’s in control of your social media? Could an ex-employee delete your social media accounts? Or worse, post inappropriate material on them? Recently I encountered a situation where a Dorset firm wanted to re-ignite its social media, but discovered its accounts were ‘owned’ by staff who’d left. […]

12May 2016

Social media updates   What does your business do? Here’s a question for you: what does your business do? Take a moment to think about your answer. Even better, jot it down before you read on. No one will ever see what you’ve written, but the act of writing it down will help you be […]

29Apr 2016

Social media updates Will this new Facebook feature benefit you? I love the power of Twitter to connect people and for years it’s been my network of choice. But I’m spending an increasing amount of time working with Facebook. Businesses can’t afford to ignore the massive audience that can be reached through Facebook, both organically (that is, […]

01Apr 2016

(Following yesterday’s AGM, the question was asked “What is cookie consent all about?”, Here, we attempt a brief explanation of what you may need to do for your website) The Legal Bit EU Directive 136/2009 on e-Privacy requires everyone with a website in Europe to comply with privacy requirements by implementing a so-called “cookie policy”. […]

28Mar 2016

Virtual and augmented reality systems are used or beginning to pervade areas as diverse as engineering design, manufacturing, astronaut training, medical treatment and surgical procedures, search and rescue, cinema, TV, gambling and advertising, criminology and court evidence, architecture, real estate, museum and art gallery tours, military operations and training, office usage, PTSD treatment, behavioural remediation and […]

11Mar 2016

Edition 4 – March 2016 Welcome to the first e-GR publication of 2016. Some of you may be aware that the publications Editor, Alison Slater, has left Dorset to start a new life of adventure in the mountainous green pastures of Wales. The Gut Reaction editorial team would like to wish Alison and her husband Martin  pob […]

10Mar 2016

Social media updates   Are you ready to go global? I had the pleasure of visiting Mumbai, India, around 15 years ago, on a business trip. I loved the enterprising spirit of the people and I recall businesses operating from tiny booths along the roadside – wooden huts literally the size of telephone boxes.  One caught […]

08Mar 2016

Firstly, this is NOT a technical article – there are thousands of those available on the internet. Merely this is a quick indicator that anyone can attempt swapping out their provided router for an alternative, which may be better, faster, cheaper, provide more controls and flexibility in use and contain better quality components. In this example, […]