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16Dec 2016

Meeting Between WGHLA and Weymouth & Portland Borough Council 11am 10th November 2016 Council Offices, Commercial Road, Weymouth   Attendees: Blane Hawkins, Mark Wall, Jim Groves, Karen Harris (minutes) representing WHGLA Committee with Steve Hoskins – A2A Consulting. Martin Hamilton – Strategic Director, Councillor Jeoff Cant – Leader of the Council, Jon Morgan – Senior […]

14Aug 2016

(Editor’s notes:) Members with long-ish memories will recall WHGLA Committee met with Stuart Longbottom way back in January 2015, raising a number of concerns over the Council’s Hotels Policy. With astonishing alacrity and responsiveness, the Policy came up to be reviewed, essentially unchanged, on June 22nd, 2015 and again, your Committee raised our concerns. There […]

03May 2016

(See also our companion article under “Members Area/ Current News/ Local Tourism Boards” From: Andrew Keeling <> To: wellerweymouth <> Sent: Fri, 29 Apr 2016 10:59 Subject: WEYMOUTH, PORTLAND & DORCHESTER ACCOMMODATION BUSINESS SURVEY Dear Alison   I am writing to you in your capacity as the Chair of the Weymouth Hoteliers, Guesthouses and Leaseholders […]

01Apr 2016

(Following yesterday’s AGM, it became apparent that some members had not received letters from the VOA about Draft Revaluation, which could affect business rates. For information, we attach the VOA letter below – please note the highlighted threshold limits near the end. WHGLA suspects this revaluation exercise may mean bad news for some. Your editor’s own revaluation, only […]

22Jan 2016

(Thu, 21 Jan 2016 13:09) Alison/Joe Further to our meeting on Tuesday I would be grateful if you would circulate this to all members of our group for their general information and update. On point 8 on this list – I am separately liaising with Carl Ridgley of LSH on a number of individual rent […]

28Nov 2015

—–Original Message—– From: Steve Hoskins Sent: Wed, 25 Nov 2015 10:53 Subject: WPBC Hotel and Guest House policy Hi Alison and Joe   I email to record the main points we discussed at our WHGLA/Leaseholder Group meeting on Monday.   Following the group meeting with Senior WPBC officers and Cllr Osborne on 22 September I […]

14Oct 2015

As you will have all seen, below are the notes arising from that meeting, which was positive on a number of notes. There are some issues under current discussion and further meetings will doubtless be necessary to clarify these. To: ‘David Brown’ <> Cc: ‘’ <>; ‘’ <>; ‘’ <>; ‘Cllr Jason Osborne (WPBC)’ <> […]

08Jul 2015

(Editor’s note: The below is from an earlier pdf file forwarded to WHGLA – It corresponds in detail with the version posted out on or about 8th July 2015 to Hoteliers and Guest House Owners leased from the Council) Page 1 of 10 Policy Development Committee – 22nd June 2015 Hotel and Guest House Review […]

27Jan 2015

Meeting between WHGLA Committee and Stuart Longbottom – on Hotels Policy Venue: Molyneux Date: 27th January, 2015 Present: Dave Price (Chairman), Blane, Jim, Mark, Roger (Committee) Stuart Longbottom (Interim Infrastructure and Assets Manager, WPBC) Bill Wilberforce (Property Services Manager, WPBC) Apologies for absence: Alison Legg (Secretary. social Secretary) (The below is reproduced from notes included […]

23Feb 2011

Appendix F2 – RENT SETTING GUIDELINES The following guidelines albeit, not an exhaustive list of criteria, are adopted for general application in setting hotel and guesthouse rent levels:- Basic Valuation Approach – to be negotiated on a turnover basis Room Rentals Tariffs Achieved – to be considered/agreed on an individual hotel basis Occupancy Rates – […]

22Feb 2011

Appendix F1 – The Hotel Policy Purpose This Council believes that it is important to preserve the seafront hotels as such and protect against the possibility of their being converted into HMOs and bed-sit accommodation as has happened in several other seaside towns. This is consistent with the Council’s Corporate Priority 1.2(e)(i) to ‘manage the […]

21Feb 2011

Review of Hotels Policy – Report of the Member Review Group – 21 February 2011 Review Group Members: Councillors Gill Taylor (Chair), Kevin Hodder,Ray Banham and Ian Roebuck F 1. Introduction 1.1 At its meeting on 18 October 2010, the Policy Development Committee agreed to set up a working group to review the Hotels Policy […]