Latest Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for the WHGLA Meeting Monday 9th January at 1.30pm @ the Seascape   Present:   Alison(Channel View), Blane (Sandcombe), Ann (Seacrest), Jim (Aaran Guesthouse), Karen (Gresham), Roger (Seascape, minutes) Minutes of last meeting – (approved) Matters arising – (None arising) Andrew Knowles Introduction For 2017, Andrew Knowles President-elect of the Weymouth and Portland Chamber […]

(Please note: These minutes may be subject to further editing) Minutes for WHGLA Committee Meeting 01.11.16  at Seacrest  In attendance:  Alison (Channel View)  Anne (Seacrest)  Karen (Gresham)  Mark (Cumberland)   Blane (Sandcombe)  Jim (Aaran House)  Steve Hoskins   Mark Brunt Apologies:  Roger (Seascape)   Chris (Gresham)  Pre-Meeting : Mark Brunt case  Mark outlined the events surrounding WPBC […]

Minutes for WHGLA Committee Meeting 12.9.16  at Channel View  In attendance:  Alison (Channel View)  Anne (Seacrest)  Karen (Gresham)  Mark (Cumberland)  Roger (Seascape)  Blane (Sandcombe) Apologies:  Jim (Aaran House)  Matters Arising:  None. Treasurer’s Report:  Blane reported that since the last meeting this year’s membership fees have been paid into the account.  The balance is currently £6,382.77.  […]

MINUTES OF THE WHGLA 15TH JULY 2016 – HELD AT THE SANDCOMBE PRESENT Blane (Sandcombe), Roger (Seascape), Alison (Channel View), Ann (Seacrest), Mark (Cumberland), Karen (Gresham) APOLOGIES Jim (Aaran Guesthouse), Chris (Gresham) IN ATTENDANCE Steve Hoskins A2A Consulting – REPORT FROM STEVE HOSKINS Steve is working with some individuals privately. regarding their rent reviews and […]

WHGLA COMMITTEE – Meeting 3rd May 2016  @ Gresham Hotel Present Alison ( Channel view) Mark (Cumberland) Jim (Aaran House) Roger (Seascape), Chirs and Karen (The Gresham) Ann (Seacrest – Taking Minutes) Steve Hoskins. 2. Apologies Blane (Sandcombe) 3.Steve Hoskins A2A Consulting Steve has had meetings with Council making some progress but very slowly Mark […]

Annual General Meeting Weymouth Hoteliers, Guesthouse & Leaseholders Association                       Thursday 31st March 2016 at 1.30pm The Berkeley Hotel    WHGLA Committee wishes to thank Joe and Shona for kindly offering use of the Berkeley for the AGM.  Craig Oakes from Cover sure Insurance gave a brief presentation about some new Insurance packages his company […]

(Apologies for lateness of these meeting minutes – your editor only got them 10 minutes ago – posted with retrospective date to keep minutes in time-order) WHGLA Minutes Meeting at Aaran house 10th February 2016 Present: Alison (Channel View) Mark (Cumberland) Jim (Aaran House) Blane (Sandcombe) Roger (Seascape) Ann (Seacrest). Matters arising from previous meeting: […]

Meeting at The Cumberland 7.12.15 Present:  Alison (Channel View) Roger (Seascape) Mark (Cumberland) Jim (Aaran House) Blane (Sandcombe)    Apologies: Ann (Seacrest) Matters arising from previous meeting:  None. Treasurer’s Report:  The treasurer stated that the current balance in the WHGLA account is £6,529. Planning Report:  1. Permission is being sought to change the purpose of 7, […]

Meeting between Councils Senior Management and Weymouth Hoteliers North Dorset District Council Offices – 2:00 p.m. Tuesday 22nd September 2015 Topic: To agree a way forward for the proposed Hotels Policy Review Present: Matt Prosser – Chief Executive, NDDC, WDDC, WPBC Nick Thornley – Head of Economy, Leisure and Tourism, WDDC, WPBC Martin Hamilton – […]

Minutes of the WHGLA Committee Meeting – 11th May 2015 @ Seascape Present:  Mark (Cumberland), Roger (Seascape), Alison (Channel View), Jim (Aaran House), Joy (Beach House), Blane (Sandcombe), Anne (Seacrest) Apologies for absence:  None Guest:   Steve Hoskins (a2a Consulting) Steve spoke to the meeting about his experience in commercial property sales and more recently in […]

Following Dave’s death, the Committee decided it was best to combine the AGM with and Extraordinary General Meeting, to see how members wanted the Association to proceed, in the absence of Dave’s Chairmanship, guidance, knowledge and contacts. Mark Wall of The Cumberland took the minutes: EGM of The WHGLA –  1.30pm Thursday 16th April 2015 […]

Minutes of the WHGLA Committee Meeting – 7th April 2015 @ the Sandcombe Present Mark (Cumberland), Alison (Channel View), Blane (Sandcombe), Jim (Aaran House), and, Roger (Seascape) Apologies for Absence: None Minutes from the last meeting These are unavailable as sadly Dave had the notes and they were not completed Treasurers Report: No change from […]