The 33rd RAF Classic was again held on Weymouth Beach, near to the Pavilion end, in front of the Devonshire and Poulteney Buildings (affording a Grandstand view!). Weymouth is confirmed as the premier venue on the Volleyball England Grand Tour and large crowds watched some sparkling performances from all teams.


Service game on an outside court (Courtesy of Aaran Guesthouse)


Collision after a tussle for the ball (Courtesy of Aaran Guesthouse)


Tactics are everything (Courtesy of Aaran Guesthouse)


Something for everyone at the Volleyball Classic (by Aaran Guesthouse)

The Women’s event was won by Katya Glass and Elfi Holt (their first success). Robin Miedz Brodski and Sean Cook won the Men’s competition (4th time). Behind the main tent, their was an informal Indian Wrestling Match proceeding – Something for everyone to enjoy. Looking forward to next year……..

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