Ray Lee has been presenting ‘Chorus’ at b-side festival sites during 2016. ‘Chorus’ is an art installation
made up of large mobile sculptures that emit “hypnotic” sounds. Circles of light are traced in the
air as the arms whirl above. At the end of each metallic arm, loudspeakers emit tuned musical notes, creating a pulsating drone with a characteristic sound. This large sound installation is co-presented by both b-side (#bside festival) and Activate (#Insideout Dorset Festival).
Ray Lee light and sound art installation - Chorus

Setting up the sound system on the short-stay carpark in front of Weymouth Pavilion (photo courtesy of Aaran Guesthouse)

Listeners may be familiar with the “swirling” sound produced by this installation, from Leslie speakers, originally used in the 40’s by Jazz and, later, rock musicians. There are many effect pedals available which recreate the original sound, with varying degrees of success.


Ray Lee Chorus at night

(Editor’s note : After several hours (enforced) listening, your editor can vouch for the “drone” quality of the sounds produced)
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