Today, one the regions largest Remembrance Sunday services was held on The Esplanade, starting shortly before 11:00 am. Hundreds of services personnel and the public attended and Mayor Richard Kosior laid a wreath. His speech encouraged all present to remember the sacrifice and bravery of those Servicemen and Women who fought for freedom in our history. Mr Kosior was wounded during the Falklands Campaign and saw 25 years service with the Royal Navy.

At 11:00 a.m., the cannon was fired and as the echoes died away, all fell silent. Some folk playing with their dogs on the Beach stood in quiet reverence: the Weymouth Lifeboat stood watch in the Bay and two rowing gigs shipped oars and held position for the moment. After a second cannon shot, speeches heralded the Dolphin band into action and the Services Parade marched along the Esplanade, under the glittering sunshine of a glorious November day.

Jim Groves
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