Parking in Weymouth – General advice

Weymouth is a small town and parking spaces are limited. There are fairly large public car parks at The Pavilion, The Swannery, Beach+Lodmoor and Melcombe Regis, plus a Park-and-Ride a few miles out of town
(see the Dorset for you {Councils} website for a map and details )

carparkweymouth - General map

Taken from DorsetforYou. The numbers refer to car parks. Consult their website for more details.

However, several areas of Weymouth are “more difficult”, especially along the Esplanade and around the Pavilion area during major events. Sometimes, during events, areas of parking and roads may be closed suddenly and without warning. If there is limited information from organisers, this can result in traffic snafu’s. Since the Council’s merger, we have different parking regulations and permits have been issued separately for street (normally £1 per 24 hours) and carparks (normally £4 per day). There may be some longer term permits available which your guesthouse can advise you about. Several guests have commented it is possible to phone the Council and book a carpark permit via credit card but we have no first-hand knowledge so far. We would still advise travellers to check in with their Hotel first, in case we can provide advice and updates on current road and parking conditions.


The Train Station and several Coach Stations around Weymouth. Most coaches stop by the Bluebird site. (Taken from DorsetforYou)

To avoid the frustration of possible traffic hold-ups and very limited parking spaces, WHGLA would suggest travelling to Weymouth via train or coach instead, during large events such as the Seafood Festival, Carnival Week, Waterfest, Iron Man Triathlon and the Bank Holidays, especially. Future town planning developments may see the removal of one or more car parks completely, so please check with your accommodation provider before setting out.